3 Easy Ways to Turn Pictures into Video

Michael Sand
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Using the Movavi SlideShow Maker

This is a great program to help you turn your photos in to GIF and video with just a click of a button. This program is the perfect alternative to more complicated and expensive tools such as Adobe Photoshop for turning your amazing photos into short, professional looking videos.

So how does Movavi SlideShow Maker work?

{1}. Connect your camera or phone to your PC.
{2}. Open up the program and select the folder where your pictures are saved.
{3}. Select an animation template and customize it to put your style on it.
{4}. Pick a song or type in your own soundtrack.
{5}. Click start and voila! You will have a video in no time.

Using the AVS Video Editor

The AVS Video Editor is a video-editing software that not only allows you to edit the clips you took but also allows you to create videos from a sequence of pictures.

Here are a few easy steps to guide you through your video-making journey:

{1}. After installing the AVS Video Editor on your system, run it and then click the ƒ‘browse for image sequenceƒ’ option in the top left corner.
{2}. Browse for the sequence of pictures and then click the ƒ‘continueƒ’ button.
{3}. The ƒ‘Create New Projectƒ’ window will pop up prompting you to enter a project name and select a destination folder for saving the project. Once you fill out the required details, click ƒ‘OK. Your project will be saved to the folder you’ve selected. You can now start editing.
{4}. Select the sequence of pictures you’ve selected and click the ƒ‘start movieƒ’ button.
{5}. Within the AVS Video Editor, you can add text, insert transitions, change the music, apply video effects, and much more.

Using Windows Movie Maker (Easy Movie Maker):

Windows Movie Maker does the trick. It’s as simple as uploading your pictures and starting to edit them into a movie.

You can add in captions and music, and use transitions and effects.

The interface is easy to use, and best of all, it’s free.