GIMP vs Lightroom: Which One Do I Need?

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GIMP stands for “GNU Image Manipulation Program”. Its source code was based on the student project called “The Stanford JPEG Group”.

It is free software which means it is readily available for download from the internet. It is a powerful tool for image editing and can also be used as a simple photo editing software.

It can be used in just about any Windows OS. The user interfaces are customizable and it has multi-platform support.

Adobe Lightroom

Or GIMP: Which One to Choose? Can a Photographer Learn and Use Both?

To be a decent photographer, you need some pro-level tools.

While there are definitely a vast number of Photoshop alternatives available today, they need to be good enough and efficient enough to do the job for you.

Which application you choose with all its advantages and disadvantages will be a matter of personal preference, as each one has its own pluses and minuses. There’s no point in listing them all, so I’ll stick to reviewing two widely-known open source programs today: GIMP and Lightroom.

And maybe we’ll also check if a photographer can use these apps together.

Which one do we choose?

Both GIMP and Lightroom are two of the most popular image editing applications out there. Some people use Lightroom just for photo editing and use GIMP for video editing.

However, video editing requires you to have a lot of advanced knowledge in order to make an outstanding movie and to take advantage of the versatility of this application, in a way that is very costly and time-consuming.

Therefore, you will need to complete some documentation before you decide to use it. You will have to study about video editing software, the different subcategories, and the pros and cons.

While GIMP is best used for photo editing, it is still not used by way of competition by Lightroom. There is a functionality that is lacking when comparing the value that you get out of GIMP.

The innovation of Lightroom falls short to the innovative features of GIMP. If you are looking to learn quickly, editing their videos is your best bet.

GIMP was created in a way that it recommends you to quick switch between the tools in order to achieve the desired effect. So, time-consuming editing projects can be modified quickly.

However, if you are looking to enhance your design and graphic skills, Lightroom will do a much better job than GIMP. Lightroom is more suitable for design businesses.

Photographers use Lightroom because of the functionality that is perfect for their job.