How do YouTubers Edit Their Videos

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Entry Level Video Editing Software

To become a successful YouTuber, you have to learn to put clips together to form one continuous video. There are several ways to do this, with each providing unique results. However, most start editing a video starting with the most basic software.

If you use Windows or Mac you have some entry level video editing software built right in. iMovie for Mac is a great option. Windows Movie Maker is an option, although a bit lacking.

If you're into it, Adobe also makes available a vast arsenal of video editing tools at a reasonable price. Adobe's Premiere Elements is an excellent place to start. Any Adobe suite is a good choice, but Premiere Pro is where you can step up your editing game and unleash production values like a pro.

Even if you're an experienced editor, it's a good idea to purchase several tools to maximize your efficiency. Some of the tools will even work on both a Mac and a PC, so you don't need to feel "betrayed."

Editing at its core is simply arranging clips to create a video. ​You will need to cut out a clip, add transitions, add clips together, add audio, and so on.

These basic tools handle most of this. You'll probably upgrade to the big leagues when you want to add more in-depth features to your video.

Intermediate Level Video Editing Software

Editing has become an integral part of most businesses because new businesses have endless opportunities for new content and the old ones have more than enough content to update.

There are a variety of video editing software out there and they can create various kinds of effects that you can use to make your videos stand out than to its competitors.

Adobe Premier is a professional level software that allows a lot of level of flexibility and creativity to make whatever you want. With this program, you need to know that there is a video editing curve.

You will be able to make some really nice videos once you get used to the software.

In many ways, it is a step up from Adobe Prelude. If you are really interested in video editing and want to be able to customize and create unique videos you cannot find anywhere else, Premiere is what you should buy.

For those who are not professional video editors and just want to make basic home movies, iMovie is a good place to start. Since the video editing process is seamless, it is easy to edit in iMovie while creating your movie. It is definitely not as full as Premiere, but if you are just starting out in video editing it is a good choice.

Windows Movie is platform independent so you can edit on any of your devices; Android, iOS, Mac, and PC. It has a simple UI and makes the process of editing beginner-friendly.

Movavi Video Suite

Easy video editing

In today’s online world, video content creation and management is becoming more common among businesses of all sizes.

However, for an untrained eye, video editing can seem daunting at first. It’s a complex process that involves a very steep learning curve. This can put off a lot of people who want to make videos, but are afraid of dealing with the technical side of it.

One solution to this problem is a video editing software. After all, there are a lot of software out there that you can choose from and use.

When it comes to video editing, Movavi Video Suite is one of the best options out there. Movavi Video Editor in particular is the most beginner-friendly video editing software out there!

It’s completely free of charge and has a very easy-to-use editing interface. It’ll take only a few clicks of the mouse to edit your first video.

In addition to being easy to use, Movavi Video Editor just works. It doesn’t freeze, crash or give you poor editing results in the middle of your project. That’s why it’s used by thousands of video content creators around the world. You can be sure you’re in good hands with Movavi video editing software.

AVS Video Editor

Below are my personal recommendations for Getting Started.

I use the AVS Video Editor for most of my video editing needs.

It’s a great program, comes in at a nice price, and is very simple to use.

I often get asked what software I use for my videos and editing and this is it.

I’ve tried Cyberlink PowerDirector and iMovie among others, but I keep coming back to AVS Video Editor (․60).

It’s not a difficult program to use and it plugs into other editing programs really well, such as Photoshop.

All of the video editing programs are pretty much the same, but it’s nice to have something that’s easy – especially if you’re just getting into this kind of thing and you’re not that tech-savvy.

Once you get the basics down, then you can move onto something more difficult if you’d like to.

You can also use it to record your screen.

That’s been one of the best features for me.

I’ve even used it to record my desktop screen.

Professional Level Video Editing Software

Considering that powerful editing software, like Adobe Premier Pro or Adobe After Effects may cost thousands of dollars (unless you are a student), you may wonder how do YouTubers edit their videos.

The truth is most of them use some cheaper and simpler alternatives.

And unsurprisingly, they are often the very same software used frequently by movie editors as well but they are just cheaper or more accessible.

Avid Free for example is a very simple yet powerful software for video editing and together with its companion software, ProTools, it's the most used pro tools in Hollywood.

Final Cut Pro is another powerful video editing software that would cost you hundreds of dollars per year in terms of subscription fees.

Pinnacle Studio is a no cost video editing software with a slightly simpler interface.

Of course, there are also plenty of video editing software options out there for free.

The Best of These Is (in My Unbiased Opinion)

I believe WinZip Video Pro is the perfect solution too if you want to use only free software.

Making A Youtube Video With Movavi

If you want to make music videos, tutorials, or even prepare a presentation for a stranger audience, you can try Movavi (see their Screen Capture Studio program). Movavi is mainly geared towards video editing, and it is one of the best options when it comes to producing videos.

Movavi’s Screen Capture Studio offers a great replacement for any other screen capture application out there.

One very positive thing about their Screen Capture Studio is that it doesn’t require specific bandwidth, since it utilizes the system’s video processor, thus making it an automatic option for those who are running on hard drive storage instead of RAM capacity.

Something else which should be mentioned is the fact that it is a lightweight program that does not consume much of your system’s memory. This does not only make it easier for you to get the most out of your system, but it also allows you to use more of these resources for other applications.

Something we find very useful in this screen capture application is the offline video recording feature.

Now, everyone has the chance to record any video without the need for any type of download. You can record both screen and audio or add a video file to upload after the recording has finished.