How to Change the Background of A Picture

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How to Change Photo Background with Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor is an excellent photo editing software package that has a lot of great Photo Artist tools for simple and fun photo editing.

You can remove the background from a photo to isolate the subject. This is an amazing tool when you have an image and you also want a solid color background, so Instead of the image using the background color you can substitute a solid color. It can also be used to remove the background from a photo and create a transparent image.

To remove the background from a photo, simply select the Magic Wand tool, make sure that the Tolerance is set to zero, and select the whole background by clicking on Empty Space on the image. Once you’ve selected the entire background, click OK.

Also, you can save this image as a transparent PNG or GIF image that can be used in Photoshop, HTML website, PowerPoint presentation, and in other software packages.

How to Change Image Background With PicsArt

In case you want to change the existing background of a photo, so it looks like someone went inside the photo and captured a moment inside the image, this is how you can do it with PicsArt.

Start by selecting the image you want to work with and import it on Picsart. Then select the “Enhance” tab.

Next, tap on the large color palette drawn on the side of the screen. Choose the color you want to paint with and begin to draw the details you’d like to see inside the photo.

Be creative and follow your imagination.

Once your editing is finished, the image will look completely new.

Pick The Winner

Finding a background that will allow your beautiful picture and the theme together is no easy job. This is the most tedious part of the process as you must carefully study the picture and the theme to pick the one which blends well. Since both can't be the main subject, you need to pick the one which will act as the background. You can even use multiple backgrounds and blend them into one picture. The only constraint is that they should depict the same theme.