How to Fix a Blurry Video

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A blurry mess may ruin your beautiful video and shooting as many takes as you want is not the answer.

So unless you shoot everything at a fixed camera, perfect clarity is simply not possible. If your footage is blurry because of your reckless hand motion, you should use Movavi Video Suite to fix blurry videos as quickly as possible.

Here’s how to do it:

Firstly, open the mov file in Movavi Video Editor.

Then click “Optimize for” in the Transform menu, and choose the “Image ” option. (P.S. Make sure no other video tracks are active before proceeding.)

Now you need to choose the blurriness of your clip.

Second, choose the area where there’s excessive blurriness. Click Commands in the top dropdown menu to open the menu, then select Adjust “Video” and click “Video Smoothening”.

AVS Video Editor

The first thing that a lot of people do to fix blurry videos in AVS Video Editor is cropping the video.

The standard solution for blurry videos is to crop it to remove the blurry sections. Crop the video as needed by following these steps:

{1}. Click on the Timeline or your video track.
{2}. Choose Clip -> Crop.
{3}. Drag the ends of your cropping area to line up with your desired cropping area.

Remember that cropping will only fix the vertical and horizontal blurriness if that’s all there is to deal with. If the video is still blurry, you have other issues to address.