How to Make a Slideshow for Youtube

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Using the Movavi Slideshow Maker

To Create a Youtube Slideshow.

You can make a slideshow for youtube or to use as background music for your videos, using video editing software such as Premier.

The video editor will let you cut out your videos, to make sure they are the videos you want and the length you want them, and then you can save them as a slideshow. You can then upload to youtube.

For example, if you were making a slideshow to use as music for your latest Youtube video, you would customize the timeline length to the length of the video, add the audio, and then cut the photo’s duration for them to sync with the video. Finally, if the music is too long, chop off that time and upload to youtube.

If you were making a slideshow for a youtube video introduction, or to be used at the beginning of your youtube video, the music would be shorter than the photo’s durations, so you would add the audio later.

In this way, you can control all your material and create a well-balanced video.

When you select the photos and music, you want to think about the duration of each; if there is both a still photo and a video clip, pick the one that will be of the best quality and duration to accompany the other.

Using MacX Video Converter Pro

MacX Video Converter Pro is used to edit and convert movies and images, edit DVD/video like making a slideshow, rip DVD/video and copy protected DVD/video, and then share movies, images and DVD/video via networks. It is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/ Vista/7/8, supports Intel/AMD Dual-Core, AMD quad-Core processors and multi-core CPUs.

MacX Video Converter Pro is designed for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced users, both professional and non-professional. This software includes a lot of extra features that allow you to do things like add watermarks, automatically handle commercial sections, and configure presets for conversion. For the novice user, the interface is very intuitive and very easy to work with.