How to Remove Red Eyes from Photos

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Online Red-Eye Remover- Fotor

With Fotor’s online red-eye remover/fix tool, you can easily remove red eyes in your photos in a few seconds.

Step 1: Open the photo and click the Red-Eye button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Drag the red-eye slider to the tip. The slider will move to the right until the red eye is removed.

Step 3: Use the Spotlight button if you’d like to adjust the effect. Click Show More on the right corner to adjust the red, yellow, lightness, and darkness.

Red-Eye Remover in Android

To remove red eyes from a photo in Android, you can use the following apps and methods.

Red Eye: This is the simplest one. It is a free app from Google Play that does nothing but fix red eyes in photos. To use the app, select the photo you want to fix, and the app automatically detects and removes red eyes from it.

Snapseed: Snapseed has a very powerful Red-Eye tool and can also be used to remove red eyes from a photo.

To use the Snaphot, select the photo you want to fix, and then tap the “FX” button (located at the bottom in most Android phones).

Now tap on the “Red-Eye” tool. This brings up of a menu with various red-eye removal options like reducing the width and length of the red eye area or simply replacing the red eye area with the rest of the photo.

After selecting the red-eye removal option you like, tap the “Correct” button to apply the change.

The Red-Eye tool is found in the Enhance menu of the Snapseed app.

And here are some of the best features we love about this app:

  • The most advanced red eye removal technology available.
  • Works with both front facing and regular cameras.
  • Works on group shots – Get rid of red eyes in family portraits.
  • Really simple! Select the photo, tap the red eye button, done!
  • Doesn’t work? Do a FREE manual adjustment.
  • Instantly see the results, as you adjust for size and position! No other app shows you this.
  • The most advanced red eye remove technology available.
  • Tools to precisely adjust size and position.
  • Automatically fine-tune your manual settings.
  • Red eye removal… just like the pros.
  • Improve every photo you take, anywhere, anytime.
  • Works with your camera’s flash feature.
  • Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Red-Eye Remover in iPhone

Red-eye in any photograph is an unfortunate phenomenon that everyone can agree looks unpleasant.

The built-in camera app in iPhone has made it very easy to get rid of, or prevent red-eye from happening with one simple tap on your screen.

Here's how to use the Red Eye Removal tool in your iPhone camera:

Choose 'flash' as the source of light.

In the flash selection menu, disable (or enable) the flash.

Choose 'capture'.

Here's what you should see next:

Tap on the red eye that you want to fix and then select 'fix' or 'retouch' on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Double-tap anywhere on the image to fix the entire set of eyes.

You can use 'Tap for Color' or 'Tap for Lightness' to use different modes depending on what works best for the image.

Though this is not the best way to remove red eye in your images, it's the fastest way to do it and works in most cases.