How to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos

Michael Sand
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Method 1- Using Inpaint Photo Software

If you're looking to remove large objects such as Lights, Cars etc this method works best.

Step 1) Download and install Inpaint, a free photo editing software on your computer.

Step 2) Open the image which you want to modify and go to "Tools" menu. Select the option called "Inpainting" (it has a paintbrush icon).

Step 3) Use the paintbrush to paint over the area where the object is missing.

Step 4) Click "Next" as many time it takes to completely remove the unwanted object. Now, Save and you're done!

Method 2- Best Online Option Webinpaint

{1}. Choose remove background from the toolbox on the left. Drag the tool to your photo.
{2}. Drag a square around the subject. You can adjust the size to fit your photo.
{3}. Adjust the bluriness of the background by clicking on the marked part which directs to the preview box. (This section is only visible when you deselect the edges of your photo.)
{4}. Choose a quality by adjusting the setting. (Very High can be a good option.)
{5}. Once done, click Save to download the photo. Click Save to save it to your local computer or directly share via email.
{6}. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, try clicking Reset to go back to the original photo.