Instagram Image Size Guide 2022

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W hat is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo-sharing mobile app that can be downloaded on your phone. The app allows you to use filters and edit photos using the camera on your phone.

You can also add frames, text, captions, and other effects to your photo. At present, the Instagram community is strict, with its terms and conditions. If you upload an image that is too big, your image will be rejected.

Because the filter process requires your photo to be of a specific size, you will need to adjust your image size before you upload it. If you do not follow the Instagram size requirements, your image will fail the Instagram validation system.

Flashback-History of Instagram

It’s the most common question that any Instagram user asks: How big should an Instagram photo be?

Until 2014, there hadn’t been much of a particular requirement for Instagram photos. Your photos didn’t have to be smaller or bigger than any set value. It was all about personal preference. The users could make their image size as large as 1,000 pixels on the longest side and as small as 3,200 pixels on the longest side.

However, Instagram decided to make some strong changes: they limited the image size to 1080 pixels on the longest side. If you don’t know much about pixels and their relation to Instagram photo size, allow me to explain the concept of pixels.

There are multiple ways to measure a photo, the most common measuring unit is pixels. There are two main characteristics that determine a picture quality: resolution and pixels. The term resolution means the number of pixels in an image. So basically, the size of the image depends on the pixels. Since the size of the dimensions of the image is specified in pixels, in Instagram photo size, that’s why we use pixels as the standard unit to determine the Instagram photo size.

Below I have explained all of the changes, especially the one that was made in 2015 with a change in size requirements.

Instagram Image Size Guidelines

As you might have noticed, Instagram is currently working on some new changes.

The Instagram Algorithm Is Being Reworked to Make It a Better Experience for the User—

Here are some of the latest updates that you should know before you start posting on Instagram.

No more grid view

The grid seems to have vanished from Instgram. There is still a grid option that can be enabled if you visit your profile settings. But it is no longer shown by default!

This could be seen as a move away from the older style of network. Using a grid to show off your photos was fun back then. Now it seems like Instagram wants to move along with the timeline style on Facebook.

More Stories in Feed

When you add new friends on Instagram, their stories will also show up in your feed. That will give you an option to skip it if they don’t have any stories worth watching.

No Ads

Instagram hasn’t said a word about ads. But since Facebook has always needed ads, there is a probability that we will start seeing them.

This is a bit scary since Facebook ads are usually not focused on visuals and it’s unclear how this will translate to Instagram and if Instagram ads will be as beautiful.

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