Top 10 Professional Photo Editors for Pro-photographers

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What Makes For A Quality Professional Photo Editor?

No matter how good your photo editor app is, it is surely nothing but a tool that helps you create photo edits. In the big picture you are also looking for the features which enable you to manage your photos like a pro. A photo management app should enable you to do a lot more than just simple photo editing. It should also help you manage your photos like a pro. This means viewing, organizing, managing, uploading and sharing. All of these are top-shelf needs for a pro-level photo management.

Image Enhancements

Image enhancing features are central to photo editing. It is also something which sets one app apart from another. Of course, this offers you an opportunity to do more than the basics of photo editing. Photo editors endow photographers the opportunity to experiment in endless ways without putting much effort.

Built-in Organization

One of the most powerful features of any professional photo editor is its built-in organization and collaboration features. Usually, photo editors use their built-in organization features to create project folders in which to store images or bitmaps.

A project folder is the most basic level of organization. It’s the primary way for you to organize your images by project.

Every photo editor also offers some form of collaboration support. Photos and images are one of those types of content that can be created by multiple users in the same project folder. And are usually built to be easily managed and shared by multiple users.

Easy Exporting

The basic functions and user interface are OK for many tasks and the images I exported looked fine. This app would be great for someone who wants to quickly retouch a few images, but if you’re really serious about taking photos, I’d recommend Simplified for iPhone or iOS Camera, which will give you much more control over your photo editing, so that you can choose whether to export an edited version or the original one.


The ability of the software to be customized to the needs of the professional. This is more subjective since everyone have different needs and wants, but something related with the ability to customize is often important.

Learn ability

1 and 2: Photoimpact

3: Adobe Photoshop

4: Aperture


6: Lightroom

7: Photolemur

8: PhotoFXLab

9: Pixlr

The Top 5 Professional Photo Editing Software Programs

What do professional photographers use?

This is a commonly asked question as a new photographer looks for software to deal quickly with images.

The answer is that the software and tools used for photography editing and retouching can differ from amateurish to professional and from one photographer to another.

There can be hundreds of tools in a computer as most professional photographers have dozens.

But there are 5 tools that are a must for photographers who want to have the best effect with minimum time spent while using high-quality results.

Here they are in the order of their most to less used:

The Adobe Creative Suite 6: Photoshop and other products of the Adobe Creative Suite are used on nearly every professional image you see appeared on a magazine. Makes sense since Photoshop is the industry standard in photo editing software.

The Creative Suite includes several photo editing tools with each tool having its own specialty, and as a photographer you will gravitate towards the tools you are most familiar with.

So, instead of listing all the tools in the Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, DreamWeaver, etc), we’ll just list the most used editing tools in each software.

A) Adobe Photoshop: Retouching Tools Suite and Layers

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the flagship of Adobe's product line of image editing software.

It’s an industry standard and comes highly recommended by photography professionals and for good reasons.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 is a professional level software that has features for photographers who want to touch up the images they take, edit their videos and create some surrealistic or artistic images.

The learning curve is steep for Photoshop and it might take a little while to master all the features and fully appreciate what the software is capable of delivering.

The good news is that you can start using the software immediately and get some immediate positive results.

Serif PhotoPlus

Serif PhotoPlus Starter is a powerful and yet beginner-friendly photo editor, and it’s perfect for creating beautiful photos easily.

Serif PhotoPlus Starter contains 7,500 professional quality templates, layouts, themes, backgrounds and much more.

The other amazing feature of Serif PhotoPlus is its layer-based editing, which makes it super easy to manipulate and combine various photos and pictures. This helps a lot in creating new artistic effects and looks for your photos.

Finally, the library that comes with PhotoPlus is a huge resource to get new ideas and inspiration.

Cyberlink PhotoDirector

Cyberlink PhotoDirector 7 Ultra is a pro-power software for filmmakers and photographers. Once you launch PhotoDirector 7 Ultra, you will be able to access Lightroom, Pinnacle Studio, and Pinnacle Liquid Edition with a single software.

This utility features an intuitive design and is packed with a wide range of photo image tools. In addition, this software is backed with powerful key-features including:

  • A Photo Organizer enables you to group, rename and rename thousands of images.
  • New Mask Design thanks to Adobe Color Engine.
  • Auto Fix features with unique Picture Style adjustments look quite up to date.
  • Dehazing, Lens Correction, Face Refining, Noise Reduction and HDR Fusion are all available in PhotoDirector 7 Ultra.

This software has a complete batch process that can be accomplished within a few seconds. As a result, it saves you time and helps you spread the word about your work. Besides, a Device Link feature enables users to make hands-off video creation.

PhotoDirector 7 Ultra is an all-in-one piece of software for quickly organizing, editing, and sharing images in highest resolution.

What’s best about PhotoDirector 7 Ultra is the fact that this software is available as a standalone product. As a photographer, you can access it and make use of all its features without having to purchase an extra video toolkit suite.

Acdsee Pro8

ACDSee Pro 8 is a comprehensive and power tool to manage your photos, create slide shows and convert them to other formats. You can use your digital images to make artistic photo-based projects that will also be displayed as your screensavers.

Slideshows are an efficient way to show off your photos on your office computer system, and you can even create your own slide shows for DVD playback.

Corels Paintshop Pro X 7

I've had a GIMP image editor for sometime now but it's really only good for some things. I was using it for my photography business and found it too complex to handle. I wanted something simple so I decided it was time to invest.

Corel Paintshop Pro is a photo editor like none other on the market. It has quite a name behind it, after all, it has a reputation that spans many years. The best thing about it is that it's super user friendly.

New users to photo editing, and with no previous experience, can also just pick it up and use it. It includes many features that are truly required in professional areas of use.

When you are a professional photographer, online or a local, you need an editor that can help your business to grow. Learning a new program can be hard and time-consuming at the best of times and even more so when it comes to ones that include many complex features.

This is not the case with Corel Paintshop Pro. If you are looking for a way of expanding your business, a simple editor like this is all you need.

The Best Mobile Photo Editing Apps

Digital photography is a great way to capture and preserve memories. It also makes it much easier for us to capture a stunning image and instantly share it with friends and family.

However, many of us wonder if we can do a little more than just taking a great photo. Editing and enhancing our photos has become an art, and what better way to polish a beautiful masterpiece than putting it through the hands of a professional?

One question that often pops up amongst photographers is: How do you clean up your image? How do you make it look realistic? How do you add a splash of color or spice up a boring black-and-white image?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to answer these questions very easily. Just like different painters have their own techniques for a painting, different photographers have their own techniques and styles for editing and enhancing photos.

That’s why it’s important to experiment with several photo editing tools and apps that will give you a different look to your photos. Only then can you truly pull off the image that you want. It’s now easier than ever to try photo editing apps thanks to mobile phones capable of running these sorts of apps.

Here are the top 10 apps that are suitable for professional photo editors.

Touch Retouch

Alright so I’m a photographer. I shoot all the photos for my blog and keep them looking sharp and fresh. But I didn’t always have that skill.

Touch retouch was the first paid app I bought for my iPhone and it totally transformed the way I thought about photography.

I thought of the ideal sharpness and lighting I wanted for a shot and Touch Retouch would make it happen. That’s why I recommend it so highly.

If you like to follow my Instagram Feed (@photobugfilms) you will often see me mentioning this app. It’s brilliant. The app is free for the basic version.


Fotor is an online photo editor available in both the Web and App versions. Whether you are a pro or newbie of photography or photo editing, Fotor is your best pick. You can easily create beautiful photos and collages using Fotor. This free photo editor has been well received by photographers of all skill levels, beginner or professional.

Fotor offers more than 1500 different filters and a large number of other creative tools. The coolest feature of Fotor is you can achieve almost every photo editing goals with it.

I have a consideration for those who are beginners of photo editing services, since they are the most likely users with users on the Android and Facebook platforms.

It’s sufficient to say that everyone loves Fotor. Even more, Fotor is downloaded up to 5 million times due to its usability, fun and user-friendly interface, and useful tools.

Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus, pro photo editor is a versatile photo editor which can help you make selfies and snaps look perfect.

With over 2 million downloads, Beauty Plus is the most popular photo editor app for selfie.

To make clear your skin photo editing process, Beauty Plus offers clear skin effects as well as blemish remover, whitening and eye brightening options.

It is based on top of the leading Japanese skin technology

===What Everyone Is Talking About

{1}. It provides you a range of natural and gorgeous styles.
{2}. It allows you to touch up your photo with simple and professional UI.
{3}. It helps you create more beautiful with professional edit options.
{4}. It has many powerful editing tools and effects, which can make your photo more attractive and charming, like eye brighten, slim face, slim body, smooth, photo filter and more, have fun with them.
{5}. You don't need to be a pro to use it, add fun stickers, emojis,

It’s the easiest and fastest way for everyone to take a perfect photo.

Features of Beauty Plus:

Perfectly Clear

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a tool for professional photographers that combines image processing, organizing and a cataloging system.

Lightroom features a powerful yet easy to use interface and it allows you to manage your photography workflow and collection with ultimate speed.

Key Features:

Editing, which is very intuitive.

The Silkypix engine, which ensures that your images are loaded fast and displayed at optimal resolutions.

A spectrally aware exposure adjustment.

The option to edit raw formats, which gives you full control over the photographic process.

An intuitive and easily navigated interface.

A vast, open development platform.

Lightroom is available on Microsoft Windows, Mac, and as a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud.