Photography Basics #2: How to Master Camera Shooting Modes

Baked cookies, freshly-picked raspberries, and colorful cacti. Sound familiar? If you enjoy taking pictures of edible, colorful, or visually appealing objects, then you’re probably well aware of the fact that cameras are not made equally.

How to Add Music to a Slideshow

Adding music to a slideshow can definitely add some drama to your photos. For this, there are all kinds of software that you can use to add music to a slideshow. However, I have discovered that the easiest way to do so is to simply use the Quicktime app on Mac.

How to Buy a Used Canon Camera

Eyeballing a Canon camera on Craigslist or eBay but not sure how to know if it’s a great deal? Here’s our guide to buying a used Canon camera.

Instagram Image Size Guide 2022

Learn how to create the perfect Instagram images based on the size of your mobile screen. And if you want a high-resolution image, you’ll need to use third party tools like Tailor (which can make any image fit any resolution).